What’s the Story October/November 2021 Edition – Multi-Generational Living

John Sylvestre certified aging in place specialistThere are many things fueling the multi-use/multi-generational living that is becoming a very popular trend.  As the cost of housing rises (as it has so dramatically in the past few years) it has become more difficult for the younger generation to get into homeownership and on the other side, difficult for older couples to stay in their homes and deal with the upkeep and maintenance. The idea of different generations living together may provide answers to this challenge. The economics of this trend vary widely but may point in a direction that makes sense to both generations. A key takeaway from this trend is that all the remodeling and rework we do has to meet “universal design standards.”  The space should accommodate anyone’s use. From the very simple concept of single-level living and limited steps into a dwelling to more complex solutions like accessible cabinets and appliances point to easier use by everyone.  With any trend, there are as many levels and solutions as there are people that need them. From Accessory Dwelling Units, an apartment attached or in a house, to a bedroom/bathroom space for short or long-term visits, multi-use/multi-generational spaces are something we all should entertain.


Fall colors

Fall is always a time of transition and we have experienced a lot of transition in the past few months. Kate gave us notice that she would be leaving at the end of September after 28 years with our company. One thing you learn in any small business is that change is constant and although difficult in the short term the wider possibilities also present themselves.  In the interim as we search for a new Production Manager, Marc has stepped into this role. It is providing a very rich learning experience in this facet of the business.

At this point in our chapter, we are also looking for a good carpenter to join our team. If you know of anyone interested in working in remodeling that might be interested in a fun job with a lot of variety, please have them connect with us.

Wild terrain



It seems like a long time ago, but we did have a wonderful time on our horseback /fishing trip into the Wind River Range of northwestern Wyoming. After a 2 minute lesson on how to ride, we got on our horses and took a 5-hour ride to the base camp. From there, we would ride between an hour to 2 ½ hours a day to some unknown, hard to find, rarely fished lakes. The country was amazing and had very rugged terrain. We were constantly working around deadfall from a 1988 forest fire that continues to drop trees on the trails. Very rugged terrain. The fishing was good- short of amazing but overall not bad. Because of the warm temps they had been having the fish were staying deep so not a lot of surface dry fly feeding. It was a great experience. Two notes- I don’t need to see the back of a horse for a long time and as our group all agreed – “it’s great we took this rugged trip when we were young!”

Our guides

The leaves are rapidly turning, the loons have already left for the south, and daylight is getting shorter. It won’t be long and we will be ……not shoveling snow! Yikes

Brook trout

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