What’s the Story: August edition


I thought it would be great to talk about kitchens as we get ready to move into fall. Our main article talks about the first questions I typically ask anyone who is interested in a kitchen remodeling project. Kitchens are much more than just cabinets and countertops. Kitchens really are the heart of the home and they are places for gathering, doing homework, and meeting friends. As we progress towards the holidays, it is a good time to think about what it would take to make you really happy in your kitchen.

To be realistic, you also need to be ready to spend three months without the use of your kitchen. One of the things we do for all of our kitchen remodeling projects is to set up a temporary kitchen with your refrigerator and microwave, sometimes a range, and sometimes even the kitchen sink. We locate this on a main level so you aren’t washing dishes in the basement, and so you have a clear path to the refrigerator. We call it urban camping. Even though the process to a new kitchen is challenging, the end result is always worth it!

A lot is happening on both a business and personal note this month. I am happy to announce that my son Marc has joined me in the business. He approached me (somewhat out of the blue) about the possibility of working together and after a few months of talks, we have decided to make it happen. These are unique times and they also offer opportunities. His background not only includes business, but also working for six years as a chiropractor with a specialty in Functional Neurology. With the pandemic hitting all facets of our lives, sometimes it makes sense to look to the horizon and head in an alternate direction. I am excited to have him join us. He is working in marketing, project development, and business systems. He should be able to give the utmost care to the skeletons of our homes!


I have gathered a few shots of some of the personal action from last month. Our employee Brian took this shot of a bobcat with his trail camera on his property on the North Shore. He won an award for the photo! There is also a great shot of Craig’s water level, which has a number of things that make it better than a laser (fun fact: the ancient Egyptians used water levels for the pyramids) and his layout board, which has all the heights and layout answers for the kitchen remodeling project he is currently working on. You just don’t see those tools used these days. I’ve included a few shots of my grandson Lincoln’s visit to our cabin, including a solo concert of Baby Beluga and the Mac and Cheese blues, as well as a good-sized sunfish that Grandpa helped him catch. It went back in the water, so we can catch it again. And finally, I found this red maple leaf on a walk in the woods. It’s too early for fall!

I hope all of you are healthy and avoiding the Sturgis Rally . . . .

Until next month,



Craig’s layout board and “old school” water level.


Brian took this shot of a bobcat with his trail camera.
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