What’s the Story: April Edition

When I signed off last month, no one really knew where we were headed with the COVID-19 virus. Now, 30 days further into the pandemic in the United States, it feels like we are making progress, and at the same time, stalling. Our stay-at-home order has been extended and we Minnesotans have heard that we are “flattening the curve,” which is a reward for being careful. Overall, the goal is to give our healthcare system a chance to catch up, and to prepare for an increase in traumatic cases requiring hospitalization.

We prepared our editorial calendar last fall, prior to any knowledge of a worldwide pandemic, and thought a talk on decks andoutdoor spaces would be a great thing to be thinking about this time of year. As Minnesotans, being outside and enjoying the wide variety of weather is the reason we live here. Now that we are cooped up inside, planning how we are going to enjoy the summer outside seems like a great distraction.

For that matter, it may also be the time to survey what works well in your home and what areas could use some attention. Do the kids need a space where they can play their music? Does the kitchen need a facelift or a larger island for cooking and homework? Would an outdoor porch provide more space? These are just a few questions to help you start a list of how to make your home work better for you.

We have a number of projects in the planning stage and are working through design with virtual design meetings. If you have more time while you “stay in place,“ a virtual meeting can get you going on a new remodeling project.

Like all of us, I have spent a lot of time at home the past few weeks. I like this quote: “Thoughts go out to all the married men who have spent months telling their wives, ‘I’ll do that when I’ve got time.’” Seems like that time is now. I was able to clean out my “gear and tool room” so that I can walk in there.

I’ve also purchased more tools, and have been helping my son remodel his front porch into a fully heated mudroom. Don’t think surprises can’t happen to a remodeling contractor.

His porch has stucco, now removed, and some framing to be  “improved.” We weren’t sure what we were going to find under the tile, but we did not expect 4 to 6 inches of concrete! And the steel in the concrete was an old iron gate! Oh well, a new concrete floor is on the way.

As I write this, our field staff has been at home since March 25, and will be on hold until at least April 27.

I think we all are looking forward to getting together in real life with our friends. Stay healthy, keep a safe social distance, and work on things that we can control. Maybe it’s time to be thinking of a summer adventure!!

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