What makes a home livable (and not just a place to live)?

A livable home is a place where you can bend and shape the space to fit your life. It’s where there’s room for you to work and relax, and where you can happily hang out with others and still have space to be by yourself.

After spending “quality time” in your home for more than a year, you probably have a long list of things that would make your space more livable, from updating internet access to buying new furniture. You also may have wondered whether it’s time to update, remodel, or add a room or two. Let’s take a look at options.

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Explore your attic

If you’re looking for ways to increase square footage without expanding your home’s footprint, look at your attic. Many homeowners creatively convert attic spaces into master bedrooms, offices, workout studios, entertainment centers, and more. They spend less money on remodeling by taking advantage of existing structures, save on energy bills through improved insulation, and maximize the usable space in their homes.

Attic – Before & After

Jazz up the basement

The basement can be one of the most underutilized spaces in a home. If you have been thinking about adding a bathroom or bedroom, a family room, wine cellar, or home gym, your basement may hold the key. With some careful design and creativity, almost any basement space has the potential to become one of the most popular spaces in your home.

Extend porch season

Love your porch? Extend the season by adding insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor. If possible, use sprayed-in foam—it has a higher R-Value and would be worth the extra initial cost. Create a cozy atmosphere with a gas fireplace or stove and soft lighting for the evening.

Sylvestre Porch Project

Customize the garage

In terms of square footage, your garage offers a major opportunity to create a space where you can pursue your hobbies, whether it’s woodworking, working out or tying flies for fishing.  Invest in custom cabinets for a sleek and unified design, and include locked cabinets for chemicals or other items that need to be stowed away for safety and security.

Start now

One thing we’ve all learned during the pandemic:  life can change in a flash. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to take action, the time has arrived. Give us a call (612) 861-0188. You deserve to live in a house that fits you, your family, and your lifestyle. Carpe diem!

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