Sylvestre Construction begins as J & T Contracting with high school buddy Tom Ziegler doing basements, decks, and kitchens.

“Pong” introduces the video game craze.


John Sylvestre attends Vocational Technical School and studies carpentry.

U.S. Supreme Court rules on Roe vs. Wade.


John re-enrolls at the University of MN and is accepted into the School of Architecture.

Nixon resigns his presidency.


John graduates from the University of MN with a Bachelors degree with a major in Architecture; continues his studies in architecture.

Concorde makes its first commercial flight.


Purchase of first company pickup truck, a green Chevy.

John graduates from the University of Minnesota School of Architecture with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Space invaders video game developed by Taito in Japan.


Develop Blue Sheet, the basis of our current estimating system.

CNN is launched.


Sylvestre Construction is incorporated.

First launch of Space Shuttle.



First Apple computer is purchased at Sylvestre.

Les Anderson joins Sylvestre Construction.

Created first computer-generated contract – used the typewriter as a printer.

The compact disk makes its debut; vinyl records around the world mourn.



Purchased 1st IBM computer.

Apple introduces the Macintosh personal computer.


Bill Hoeppner is hired as Salesperson SCI moves to current offices.

Received our 1st CotY Award.

CD’s outsell vinyl records for the first time.


John becomes National Rep for MN NARI.

Bryce Alexander is hired as carpenter and hire “out of level” Larry.

Build house on lot on south side of Lake Calhoun.

Berlin Wall falls after 28 years.


John becomes President of MN NARI.


Kate Irmiter-Post is hired as Production Manager.

Craig Windle is hired as a lead carpenter.

Clinton is elected President.


Judy Kurtz and Gerald Mastel are hired.

Tom Hanks wins his 2nd consecutive Oscar for Best Actor in Forrest Gump.


Carpenters Rick Mikkelson & Dan Bishop join the crew.

Dolly, the world’s first cloned sheep is born.


John, Bill & Judy receive their CKD designations (Certified Kitchen Designer).



Mark Barton is hired as a lead carpenter.

The number of worldwide internet users reaches 150 million.



Gregg Hanson & Wendy Nortunen join the Sylvestrons.



Contract is signed for largest job to date: $1.1 million.

John sends his first e-mail.

The U.S. is attacked by terrorists on September 11th.


Carpenter Bill Cibik joins Sylvestre.

Robot vacuum introduced by iRobot.


Celebrated Les’s 20th Anniversary with Sylvestre Construction.

Don Ellingson hired as a new carpenter, Peter Sylvestre works part time.

Sadaam Hussein is captured.


Tanya Hess, Josh Colvin & Joyce Heeter join Sylvestre.

The 2nd Dynasty of Anderson begins as Les’s son Cole joins the SCI ranks.


Donella Olson and Heidi Lehrke join the Sylvestre team.

Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans with 80% of the city under 20 feet of water.


New housing hits skids (again).

Remodeling continues to be quite an investment.

Twins win AL division title.


Anna Sylvestre marries Don Bellefeille.


September start to a large project that leads into 2009.


Mortgage crisis stuns remodeling industry.



Worst year in Sylvestre history, volume is 25% of 2006 level.


First Quarter 2011 NARI MN ACE Award: First Quarter 2011 ACE Award Winners (Achievement in Consumer Excellence) announced by NARI of Minnesota (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).


Judy Kurtz celebrates 20 years of working with John.

Marc Sylvestre gets married.

Craig’s son Tom is drafted by the Dodgers as a left-handed pitcher.


John gives up his pager.

Minnesota Wild reach playoffs.


Develop and implement new website.

Kate’s daughter heads off to college.


Les welcomes Grandchild #3.

John welcomes grandchildren #1, #2 and #3- All within 6 months
Our original Lotus estimating system is upgraded to Excel- We are not into the 21st Century!.

Sylvestre wins another COTY award for a Universal Bathroom and Elevator.


3 Past clients sell their single- family homes and move into condos – That we remodel.

It has been 7 years since the great depression of 2010 and we are still in business – our 45th year.


John begins the assault on the final punch list on his cabin in northwest Wisconsin which he started remodeling in 2007 in the hopes of developing the plans for his Sauna/Boat shed.

Minnesota Wild miss the playoffs.

Kate’s daughter graduates from college with a degree in Construction Management and found a job, with health insurance, as an estimator in a commercial construction company.


Work begins on remodeling the remodeled website.

# 17 Gopher football team beats #5 Penn state and go 9-0 for the season.

One of the busiest years in the company history-

The tree for the totem pole is taken down and moved from St Paul to the cabin in NW Wisconsin.