The Design/Build Process: A One-Stop Shop

Remodeling your home can be exciting – making big plans, dreaming about how it will look, picking colors and fixtures, and then watching as your house is transformed into your dream home. But you might not know how the process works or where to start. Do you need to figure out what the finished project will look like all by yourself before you start? No!  Do you have to hire separate carpenters, plumbers, and electricians? Absolutely not!

If you want to hire professionals to deliver a top-notch finished project, there are basically two approaches to home remodeling: Design/Bid and Design/Build.


Having an architectural firm design a project and then put it out to bid to builders for the construction phase is called the Design/Bid method. You discuss your ideas, priorities and budget with an architect who will then draw up the designs and specifications. However, you also need the extra steps of selecting and coordinating with an additional company, the builder or contractor.

With this approach, there is the chance that what was designed (and what you approved) won’t be able to be built within your budget or that miscommunications will result in problems on the job. The design/bid method is one of the more complex remodeling processes.

While we are happy to work with your architect and can help make the design/bid process less stressful, we generally recommend a faster, less complex and, we believe, less risky process. We offer the Design/Build remodeling process for homeowners who would like the peace of mind, simplicity and ease of working with one trusted company from concept to completion.


The design/build process is a one-stop shopping experience and we’ll be the single company that will be responsible to resolve any issues relating to the renovation. We believe the design/build process is less stressful for most homeowners and for most types of home remodeling projects.

We find that homeowners enjoy the design/build method of remodeling because they are motivated to take part in the process of home design. Our clients love that they are involved from the very start because they know the kind of look, feel and functionality they want in their renovation. Plus, they usually have some clear expectations of how they’d like the construction portion of the project to go and appreciate being a part of the process from beginning to end.

With design/build, our clients communicate with us and we coordinate with everyone involved.

Creating a new space and putting in all the finishing touches on it is a rewarding process for all involved. Because the design/build method is so collaborative, we can discuss ideas with you based on our experience from past projects. We can also discuss what we’re seeing in new products and innovative uses of materials and finishes. Through the design/build process, you can share with us home design ideas from Houzz, Pinterest, HGTV shows or the homes of friends.

Unlike the design/bid approach, we can keep cost in mind at every step. So, when we have finalized a beautiful design, building it within budget can be accomplished. You’ll love that, too!

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