Dreaming of Deck Time

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Spending time outdoors this summer is going to be all the sweeter after weeks of social distancing. Listening to the birds while sitting on the deck will feel like a vacation. Many people are using this unexpected stay-at-home time to take stock, and dream about what they will do when life settles. If a deck…

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Plant a tree on Arbor Day

Each April, people celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree. Trees not only add beauty to neighborhoods, they add oxygen and remove pollution from the air, provide habitats for wildlife, help reduce cooling costs by shading homes, increase property values, and much, much more. The Minnesota DNR has great tips on how to choose, plant, and maintain…

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Your Backyard Living Space

Backyard Living Space

Spring: the time of year the trees and flowers bloom–and so do the ideas for improving your home. Especially ways to add some quality outdoor living space to make your home even better. “Quality” outdoor living space means space that not only adds to your enjoyment and relaxation, but that also increases the beauty of…

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