Decking Materials: Cost vs Maintenance

grey decking material

Time and money—both upfront and long-term—can influence which decking materials you choose. Here’s a quick rundown on the cost and maintenance of five common decking materials. They range from least to most expensive. (Top Photo: Evgenia Basyrova from Pexels) Pressure-treated Lumber: A cheap but toxic decking material Pressure-treated lumber is the least expensive of all…

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Dreaming of Deck Time

CREATIVE DETAILS Maple Plain (55359) Details/Remodel

Spending time outdoors this summer is going to be all the sweeter after weeks of social distancing. Listening to the birds while sitting on the deck will feel like a vacation. Many people are using this unexpected stay-at-home time to take stock, and dream about what they will do when life settles. If a deck…

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