From Messy Entry to Organized Mudroom

Let’s face it; sometimes living in Minnesota is like living on another, less hospitable planet. In January, we seem to have been whisked too far from the sun.  Six months later, it’s almost like we are living ON the sun. And yet a characteristic that connects all of us here is that we love to be outdoors, wet or dry, cold or hot.

The Minnesota Airlock

Because we also like the organization and comfort of our homes, having a designated area to gear up and gear down is a necessity.  Benches for pulling off boots. Storage for parkas and hats and mittens. Flooring designed to tolerate water as snow melts and falls off of the day’s gear. 

An effective “airlock” of this sort allows us to prepare to enjoy the elements of outdoors and to then return to a controlled interior environment in an orderly way.  Localizing this important functionality in a mudroom makes the most sense.

Forethought Not Afterthought

Yet many of us make do with an unplanned, de facto, area near the door where stuff just starts to pile up.  A mudroom, or choreographed entryway, can be so much more than just a place to chuck and grab stuff on your way into and out of the house.


As the pictures show, a well-designed, well-constructed mudroom, in addition to promoting a livelier connection with the outside world, can be a beautiful extension of the home.

Durable Design from a Durable Company

At Sylvestre Remodeling & Design we’ve been helping clients find the just the right balance between inside and outside for over 40 years.  Please give us a call at 612-861-0188 and let us build the perfect Minnesota airlock for you!

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