For those of you living with small kitchens, we understand the struggle!

Small kitchen frustrations (BEFORE)!

Small kitchen frustrations (BEFORE)!

Typical frustrations encountered in small kitchens include:

  • Limited (or no) workable counter space
  • Too many doorways into the kitchen
  • Unusable or inaccessible cabinets
  • Windows that drop below the counter top
  • No space to have “helpers” in the kitchen
  • No space for full depth cabinets
  • Appliances that are too close to each other or awkwardly extend into the kitchen
Kitchen solutions (AFTER)!

Kitchen solutions (AFTER)!


If these kitchen frustrations are familiar to you, below are a few key improvements you can consider to make your small kitchen beautiful!

  • Organize or eliminate doors or openings into the kitchen (galley kitchens are considered the most efficient)
  • Run cabinets to the ceiling as this provides more storage space
  • Get window sills above the counters to create real, workable counter space
  • Make sure you get enough “working counter space” – typically one or two areas that are at least 24” wide
  • Consider if you eat in the kitchen or dining room – do you need a place to sit in the kitchen while you prepare food?
  • Add a splash – have something that gets you excited – a window, a special place for morning coffee, a cookie jar  – something that makes you feel good!

We’d love to help you address your kitchen frustrations.

How would your life change if you finally completed the kitchen remodel that you’ve always dreamed about?

Let’s find out!

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