Thank you, Les Anderson

When I talk about remodeling for over 50 years, 39 years of that has been with our friend Les Anderson. All of you know Les and his carpentry skills, patience in solving problems, and general construction knowledge. But we know him best for his ever-present smile and the positive attitude he has brought to the job every day for those 39 years.


A year ago, when we were working through the COVID shutdown and ultimately integrating new protocols Les said he was ready to retire. We talked again in July and he said he would like to retire within a year and in December 2020 we set the date for June 1st, 2021. As I write this letter, his final days with us are slightly over a week away.


Les has been a huge part of our success as a company. He has been a joy to work with every day and always brings his upbeat “I can solve this challenge” attitude to work. We will miss him.



There are a lot of Les Anderson stories. To say he is a legend would be an understatement. If there was a Remodeler’s Hall of Fame he would be the first inductee. And most importantly, when you look up the word “master craftsman” you would see Les’s photo.

So we will end the Les Anderson chapter of the Sylvestre Remodeling and Design book. It is a very long and distinguished chapter. We all have had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and knowing Les as a friend and fellow employee.

Les is going to sleep in, golf, snowmobile, grandpa, and work together with his son on remodeling projects as he “retires.” I am sure he will be busy.

We all thank you, Les!!

As the Les Chapter closes, we have started a new chapter with Marty Fossen, our new field supervisor. Marty has years of experience in the residential remodeling industry and has been with us since early March. We look forward to his skills as we continue many varied remodeling projects.

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