How to Turn Reality TV into Real Results

Property Hunters. Fixer Upper. Kitchen Crashers. The success of home renovation shows isn’t a fluke. Network executives understand the power of aspiration and elbow grease.

Home renovation shows are great for generating ideas. They’re like Pinterest. They’re visually inspiring and spark your imagination. They nudge you to get started. They’re entertaining.

The flip side is that TV shapes your expectations for home renovation. On TV, dramas occur on schedule, problems are edited, and only successful solutions are shown. Even when personalities clash or they find dry rot, everything is wrapped up successfully before the episode ends.

That’s the draw of reality TV — but not the reality of life. This is why so many home remodeling projects never make it off the couch.

Making Your Reality TV Dreams Real

We can help you bridge that gap between inspiration and reality. Our in-depth planning and project management process makes sure the drama stays where it belongs — on screen, not in your house.

So, in the spirit of putting together your “home production crew,” here’s the 411 on working with our team.

Expertise and Experience

For more than 40 years, we’ve been an incredibly stable and reliable company, riding out the typical ups and downs of this market and industry. When you work with us, you’re working directly with our leadership team — Les, Kate, and me. We’ve all been with the company for more than 20 years. We’re going to be here to see your project through to completion.

Our Process

We help you continue living your life while we remodel your home. In fact, this key factor separates our team from other companies. We’re committed to reducing disruption to your schedule and life while we’re working in your home, and we treat your belongings, loved ones, and pets as if they were our own.

Design and Build Approach

We handle the entire remodeling process, from design through completed construction. Most of our clients need just our firm for their entire project, from the first cup of coffee at an initial meeting to signing off on the last punch list.

Collaborative Teamwork

We enjoy what we do and we enjoy doing it together. We extend our can-do attitude to any role in the project, big or small, and participate as an integrated team with everyone involved in the project’s success. We also work seamlessly with outside architects, interior designers, landscape artists and other professionals.

On Budget and On Time

Do we really meet our deadlines as often as we claim? Here’s proof.

We may not have all the drama you find on reality tv remodeling shows, but we do have dramatic before and afters. Here are just a couple.

Give John a call at 612-861-0188 or fill out our Getting Started Form if you’d like to explore possibilities for your own update!

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