Middle-Aged Home Remodeling Makeovers

Middle-aged. In our age-conscious culture, the phrase can make us cringe. It’s an age at which wear and tear start to set in, and style can seem stuck in a time warp. Middle-aged homes face the same issues. The bones of the house are solid, but elements need to be replaced or freshened up. Here’s how to repair the wear-and-tear and update your style with a middle-aged home remodeling makeover.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two high-traffic areas that show their age first. Without changing the footprint, here are ideas to freshen up each room.

Home Remodeling Makeovers: Kitchens

There’s a lot you can do to renovate a kitchen without gutting it or replacing the cabinets. Your middle-aged home makeover can include updating the surfaces, lighting, and flooring. It will make the space feel fresh and lift your spirits too.

Paint. Color is a quick way to update the look on walls, tiles, even appliances. Consider painting your cabinets, adding pullout drawers and shelves, and updating the hardware.

white tile backsplash to ceiling

Countertops and Backsplash. Modernize your counters and backsplash by using similar material for both, and extending the backsplash all the way to the ceiling.

Lighting. Update light fixtures, add recessed lights or under-cabinet fixtures and install new pendant lamps above the island.

Flooring. If you’re replacing the floor, add in-floor heat, then top with hardwood, vinyl, or ceramic flooring.

Home Remodeling Makeovers: Bathrooms

bathroom yellow walls white subway and hex tile

White subway tile, hex tile, and cabinetry reflect the winter light in Minneapolis.

If your bathroom is ready for a new look, turn it into a haven where you can restore and relax. Incorporate natural materials such as wood and stone, and maximize natural light. If you have the space, choose one key area in which to make a statement, such as a free-standing spa tub or a stone basin on a floating vanity rather than a traditional sink. And don’t forget to add flattering light. You deserve it!

home makeover with smart home technology

Smart Home Technology

Another area that indicates age is the extent to which your house is wired for smart home technology. Your home remodeling makeover might include:

  • Wiring for system components, such as alarms, detectors, lighting, and cameras
  • Electrical wiring upgrades to handle the additional load of smart systems and devices
  • Ethernet wiring to ensure that your wireless routers provide maximum coverage
  • Placement of additional power outlets for both function and aesthetics

Home Remodeling Makeovers: Exteriors

A fresh porch for a 1939 Edina home

Now let’s move to the exterior of your home. Replacing the garage door and updating the hardscape and landscape around your home will boost curb appeal and bring your 20th-century home into the 2020s.

Is your roof more than 20 years old? The roof may not be as fun to update, but it’s vital for the overall health of your middle-aged home. If your roof is more than 20 years old, plan to replace it before it starts leaking.

A fresh coat of paint can make a dramatic difference in your home’s self-image, not to mention yours. Here’s how to paint exterior house trim. The secret to a great paint job: prep, prep, prep!

Look for Water Intrusion. Examine your siding for cracking, blistering, or fading—all signs that your siding needs refinishing. Also check joints where windows, doors, and decks meet to make sure there are no places for water to enter.

The ways in which you can update your home are unique to you, your budget, and your creativity. Focus on what will improve your experience and help you create fun, interesting spaces. Show off how beautiful your middle-aged home can be!

Regular home maintenance will significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear on your middle-aged home. We like this home maintenance checklist from bhg.com.

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