The Holidays and A Wish List for Your Home

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I remember walking into several different retail stores at the end of August and I could not believe all the holiday merchandise was already out. I was not ready to let go of summer, let alone start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas!

However, now our first snowstorm has passed, it seems appropriate to use the holidays as a way to evaluate your home. What I mean by this is the fact that you will likely do more entertaining which makes it a great time to take inventory of how everything is working. As you prepare those holiday meals, entertain friends, and host family from out of town, it’s the perfect time to think about what you wish you could change about the way your home looks, feels, and works.

Look Around, Write it Down

As you’re entertaining, think about the spaces in your home and how they’re used. For instance, do you feel cramped for space, yet rarely use your living room? Would a new floor plan make better use of living space and even create space for an extra bath or powder room? Would you love to have a beautiful open kitchen and family room with skylights for stargazing in front of a fireplace?

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Think about the feel of your home, too. Is it comfortably warm…or are you paying outrageous utility bills so people won’t feel the chilly drafts from worn-out windows?

Apart from what would be nice to have, what about things that just plain need replacing – leaky toilets, creaky doors, cracked tiles, sagging shelves, and more? As you’re welcoming friends, family, and kids home from college, imagine seeing your home through their eyes. Chances are, you’ll become aware of things that really should be fixed or updated – but that you’ve grown so used to seeing that you don’t even notice them anymore. This might include a shower stall that’s well past its prime, sagging shelves, or leaky toilets. Your wish list might even include a better solution for out-of-town guests than an air mattress in the living room.

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Make Your List, Check it Twice

When the holidays are over, look over your list. Check it once for the “nice to haves” and once for the “must-haves,” and then explore what you’d like to accomplish with some timely remodeling. You might be surprised at how much beauty and functionality can be built into even small remodeling projects. We can help you map out the design, space planning, and product options so that they not only address the items on your “Naughty List,” but make the smartest and most creative use of your budget.

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In the end, your list will provide a big-picture vision of how you’d like your remodeled home to look and feel. This provides a valuable head start for approaching the project. And a head start is the key to stress-free remodeling. That’s because even simple updates can involve many pieces. In fact, given the permitting process, product delivery timelines, and construction requirements, projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months.  That’s why we have developed the 360 Remodeling Plan, to help you navigate the moving parts of the process every step of the way.

If you do find yourself considering a remodeling project, don’t wait to get started.  If you’d like to enjoy a new mudroom, kitchen, or home addition, planning can start any time, even in the middle of winter. The sooner, the better!

So go ahead and make your home’s “Naughty List” now. Then, after the holidays, why not give us a call and let’s talk about how to make things nice?

Give John a call at 612-861-0188 or fill out our Getting Started Form if you’d like to explore possibilities for your own update!

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