Entryway Design Tips

Transform your entry into a functional, organized space

It’s winter in Minnesota – that means piles of coats, hats, mittens, socks, boots, skates, bike helmets, and hockey sticks! If you live in an older home, you might not have the luxury of a spacious mudroom. Here are some entryway design tips that will add functionality and clear clutter from your entryway.

kids laying on the ice with skates on

Entryway Design Tip #1: Vertical Storage Solutions

Make the most of your space and add floor-to-ceiling storage. This option is a perfect solution for a small space as it takes up minimal space. Open storage solutions similar to the picture on the left means easy to use and highly visible which makes coming and going that much simpler. If you’d like to conceal the mess, cabinets like the picture on the right may be for you!

vertical shoe storage solution      

Entryway Design Tip #2: Get Creative with Shoe Storage

Who says shoe storage has to be boring? Get creative and stow your shoes away with hooks and drawers. Turn boots upside down and hang them from pegs. These pullout trays make it easy to reach for shoes that are in the back row.    


Entryway Design Tip #3: Keep It Simple

Transforming a space to be more practical doesn’t mean you need to spend tons of time and energy. Perhaps all you need to update your entryway are hooks and a place to plop down to take off those snow-covered boots. The added functionality can make life a whole lot easier.


Bonus: Personalize Your Entryway

Create Dedicated Spaces

If you can swing it, think about how you can transform your entry to fit the needs of your household. Whether that’s adding cubbies for each family member or assigning hooks, these added details can help keep you more organized.

Retractable Clothesline

Snow forts, snowball fights, and snowstorms mean lots of wet stuff. Install a retractable clothesline so your gear dries in time for the next adventure.

young girl posing for the camera while patting down snow

Dog Walking Station

Add space for your pup’s leashes, treats, bags, and booties. Make it a DIY project and repurpose an old mailbox or check out Etsy and find personalized shelving and hooks to neatly stow your pup’s essentials. Check out these additional tips for organizing your dog supplies!


Add Your Personal Touch

Lastly, don’t forget to add some style! Add in design elements from other areas of your home or a few decorative items – a functional space can still be a beautiful one!

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