Home Monitoring Systems

As we emerge from the pandemic and leave the house more often, it’s a good time to install home monitoring so that you can keep an eye on things when you’re not on the property. Consider upgrading to a more robust security system, expanding into automated lighting and sound systems, or adding monitors for energy…

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The Holidays and A Wish List for Your Home


I remember walking into several different retail stores at the end of August and I could not believe all the holiday merchandise already out. I was not ready to let go of summer, let alone start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! However, now that Halloween has passed, it seems appropriate to use the upcoming holidays as…

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Your Backyard Living Space

Backyard Living Space

Spring: the time of year the trees and flowers bloom–and so do the ideas for improving your home. Especially ways to add some quality outdoor living space to make your home even better. “Quality” outdoor living space means space that not only adds to your enjoyment and relaxation, but that also increases the beauty of…

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How to save $100k


I got a great piece from my insurance company on “How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage” and I would like to share this information with you. Here are their tips, along with my comments in italics: Annually inspect the hoses leading to dishwashers, refrigerator and washing machines. Yes, they do blow. Get some…

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Share our Builders Club Discount

As a member of the Builders Club we are able to offer you discounts on a number of different building materials for your home. Head to the Builders Club website  and view a list of participating Builders Club Sponsors. There are a wide range of products including light fixtures, closet systems, glass and cabinets to…

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