Single Level Living in Lilydale

This retired couple from St. Paul sold their two-story home and bought a 1980s condo in Lilydale, close to the kids and family. They wanted an open, accessible space where they could live “happily ever after” on one level. The new 8-foot opening allows people, light, and air to flow freely. Cooks and dishwashers can…

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Hey Siri! How can I make my home smarter?

  Today, our houses are filled with smart devices and digital assistants. You can ask Alexa, Siri, or Google to do almost anything, from finding your favorite playlist and adjusting the volume of your speakers to giving you news updates and weather reports, setting timers and reminders, and controlling your security systems and smart appliances.…

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Can multiple generations live together under one roof? Absolutely!

Are you thinking of inviting your parents to live with you? Maybe your adult children are planning to move home after graduation or while they’re between jobs. Families across Minnesota and the country are creating multigenerational households. Even before the 2020 pandemic and employment challenges, families were choosing to live together to save money, build…

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What to Expect at Your First Meeting

Design Process

  At our first meeting, we will have the opportunity to “get to know one another.” We want to listen to your needs, desires and expectations and we want you to feel comfortable in asking us questions as well. It’s a good idea to have all the decision-makers present at the first meeting. Typically, everyone…

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Give your Laundry Room a Fresh Start

Laundry Room

The trend of multi-use, beautifully designed laundry rooms has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. No longer exiled to the dark corner of the basement, laundry rooms are moving into the mainstream. If you’re ready to refresh your laundry experience, start with three core questions: Location Function Design Location As you consider options…

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The Holidays and A Wish List for Your Home


I remember walking into several different retail stores at the end of August and I could not believe all the holiday merchandise already out. I was not ready to let go of summer, let alone start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! However, now that Halloween has passed, it seems appropriate to use the upcoming holidays as…

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A Room For All Seasons

backyard living space

We recently discussed some tips for updating your backyard living space as a way to get more out of your home during the nice months. But how about adding an “all-season” room to your home so it can feel like “summertime” year round despite rain, sleet or snow. You’ll stretch your home’s living space–and value–while avoiding cabin…

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