Hey Siri! How can I make my home smarter?

  Today, our houses are filled with smart devices and digital assistants. You can ask Alexa, Siri, or Google to do almost anything, from finding your favorite playlist and adjusting the volume of your speakers to giving you news updates and weather reports, setting timers and reminders, and controlling your security systems and smart appliances.…

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Give your Laundry Room a Fresh Start

Laundry Room

The trend of multi-use, beautifully designed laundry rooms has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. No longer exiled to the dark corner of the basement, laundry rooms are moving into the mainstream. If you’re ready to refresh your laundry experience, start with three core questions: Location Function Design Location As you consider options…

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Shed the Routine

Round shed

There should be a better word.  “Shed” just doesn’t capture it.  One imagines a neglected structure at the edge of a property, full of shovels and rusted rakes, an afterthought. And a homeowner who feels it’s time to update a tired old storage shed can do so cheaply with one of the structures we see assembled…

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A Room For All Seasons

backyard living space

We recently discussed some tips for updating your backyard living space as a way to get more out of your home during the nice months. But how about adding an “all-season” room to your home so it can feel like “summertime” year round despite rain, sleet or snow. You’ll stretch your home’s living space–and value–while avoiding cabin…

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Your Backyard Living Space

Backyard Living Space

Spring: the time of year the trees and flowers bloom–and so do the ideas for improving your home. Especially ways to add some quality outdoor living space to make your home even better. “Quality” outdoor living space means space that not only adds to your enjoyment and relaxation, but that also increases the beauty of…

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A Family Room for the 21st Century

Family Room

The needs of a family room have greatly changed over the past few years. Technological advancements have made designing this room a little more challenging, in a good way. Televisions are bigger, better and flatter than ever before. There are multiple options for accessing television and web content that need to be considered. Plus, members…

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Updating The Heart of Your Home: The Kitchen


Is the kitchen the heart of a home? Oftentimes it is, indeed, the emotional and physical center of a home. It is where meals are made and eaten and it serves as a gathering spot for family and guests. Families come together in the kitchen in the morning, getting ready for their days or brewing a…

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