Single Level Living in Lilydale

When this St. Paul couple sold their two-story home and bought a 1980s condo in Lilydale, (close to the kids and family), they dreamed of a single-level home where they could enjoy the next chapter of their lives. In addition to the kitchen and dining area, this project also included a new owner’s suite with…

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Hey Siri! How can I make my home smarter?

  Today, our houses are filled with smart devices and digital assistants. You can ask Alexa, Siri, or Google to do almost anything, from finding your favorite playlist and adjusting the volume of your speakers to giving you news updates and weather reports, setting timers and reminders, and controlling your security systems and smart appliances.…

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Dreaming of Deck Time

CREATIVE DETAILS Maple Plain (55359) Details/Remodel

Spending time outdoors this summer is going to be all the sweeter after weeks of social distancing. Listening to the birds while sitting on the deck will feel like a vacation. Many people are using this unexpected stay-at-home time to take stock, and dream about what they will do when life settles. If a deck…

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Designing Your Home for All Generations

Family Room

Are you thinking of inviting your aging parents to live with you? Perhaps your adult children have returned to the nest. You’re not alone. According to the Pew Research Center, 20 percent of the U.S. population—64 million—lived with multiple generations under one roof in 2016. Financial and healthcare factors are primary drivers. Families also are recognizing…

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Give your Laundry Room a Fresh Start

Laundry Room

The trend of multi-use, beautifully designed laundry rooms has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. No longer exiled to the dark corner of the basement, laundry rooms are moving into the mainstream. If you’re ready to refresh your laundry experience, start with three core questions: Location Function Design Location As you consider options…

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The Holidays and A Wish List for Your Home


I remember walking into several different retail stores at the end of August and I could not believe all the holiday merchandise already out. I was not ready to let go of summer, let alone start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! However, now that Halloween has passed, it seems appropriate to use the upcoming holidays as…

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