How to Paint Exterior House Trim

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When you’re planning an exterior painting project, you hope for dry, sunny weather. That means this summer is the perfect time to paint some trim! Here are tips on how to prep and paint exterior house trim so that your work will last for years. Ask the Expert: How to Paint Exterior House Trim Step…

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Decking Materials: Cost vs Maintenance

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Time and money—both upfront and long-term—can influence which decking materials you choose. Here’s a quick rundown on the cost and maintenance of five common decking materials. They range from least to most expensive. (Top Photo: Evgenia Basyrova from Pexels) PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER is the least expensive of all materials and is resistant to rot and…

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Home Monitoring Systems

As we emerge from the pandemic and leave the house more often, it’s a good time to install home monitoring so that you can keep an eye on things when you’re not on the property. Consider upgrading to a more robust security system, expanding into automated lighting and sound systems, or adding monitors for energy…

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Plant a tree on Arbor Day

Each April, people celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree. Trees not only add beauty to neighborhoods, they add oxygen and remove pollution from the air, provide habitats for wildlife, help reduce cooling costs by shading homes, increase property values, and much, much more. The Minnesota DNR has great tips on how to choose, plant, and maintain…

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Updating The Heart of Your Home: The Kitchen


Is the kitchen the heart of a home? Oftentimes it is, indeed, the emotional and physical center of a home. It is where meals are made and eaten and it serves as a gathering spot for family and guests. Families come together in the kitchen in the morning, getting ready for their days or brewing a…

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