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February 2016

The #1 Trend for Remodeling in 2016

It seems we're always inundated with lists of what's in and what's out for remodeling. Websites and publications are brimming with remodeling design trends for the year and mapping out the hottest new types of remodeling projects, materials, and finishes. It's all a lot of fun.

But if you're planning to remodel this year, trends actually aren't really all that useful. What "should" you be selecting this year? Brushed or polished bathroom fixtures? Granite or quartz kitchen countertops? Glass or ceramic tiles?

Bathroom remodeling - faucets by Kohler Co.
Faucet photos courtesy Kohler Co.

Following “the fashion” can make you crazy

Whether it's clothing design or remodeling trends, what's in fashion is always changing. It can be fun to follow fashion by adding trendy touches to your home decorating, but trying to plan a remodel based on all the latest trends will make you crazy. Plus, you can end up with a home that's got all the latest style, but lacks lasting satisfaction.

That's why we think the #1 remodeling trend for 2016 isn't a trend at all. It's having a clear idea of your own unique wish list plus what you need to change about your existing home – the flow and features to make your home feel pleasant, comfortable and welcoming. This is what remodeling should be all about.

Kitchen remodeling
Photo courtesy Merillat Cabinetry.

Creating a home that's you

Start with an honest look at how you live and what you love. For example, if you're wildly busy, should high-maintenance choices like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops even be on your radar? If you'd like to stay in your home for many years to come, how should aging-in-place concepts be integrated into the design? If you really don't like a style you see all over, like an all-white kitchen with unadorned cabinets, shouldn't you go with a style that lifts your spirits each time you walk into the kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling
Photo courtesy Merillat Cabinetry.

Then, once you're clear about how you want to feel inside your home, go ahead and start exploring the colors, products, floor plans and finishes that will create that feeling for you.

And good news: this is the perfect time of year to begin, because those lists of ideas are everywhere!

Once you've finished your initial browsing and Google searches, contact us and share your reactions to all you've seen. This is a great starting point for planning a remodel in 2016 that will continue to delight you no matter how trends come and go.


Our 2016 Contractor of the Year Award-Winning Project – Coming Soon!

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Sylvestre Remodeling & Design has won a 2016 Regional Contractor of the Year (CotY) Award in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry's annual awards program. Our award-winning project is a Universal Design Residential Bathroom and is now a finalist for a National CotY Award. Watch this space, because next month we'll feature details and photos of this project!

Maintenance Tip: Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

By keeping the condenser coils free from dust and pet hair, you allow your refrigerator to run more efficiently. Vacuum the coils on the back (or on some models, the bottom front) of your refrigerator with a brush attachment about once every six months. (Do this monthly if you have a pet that sheds a lot.)

Hot Air Balloon rally in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

What's the Story?

One of the largest trends we have seen in the past few years is the "trend " to making your current home fit your needs as the kids leave and you begin to think about retirement. As we approach our retirement years , we are taking a very detailed look at what we will need to do to make our homes work better for us in the coming years. Upgrading bathrooms and kitchens are a good idea while we are still working and single level living, or at least an analysis of how that could happen in our homes, is as important as a retirement nest egg as we plan for the future.

Hiking up to a hidden powder stash! Beautiful Day!

It's hard to believe that it is mid-February already. We might safely say we are on the down slope of the coldest days of winter. As we talked last month, my wife and I were getting ready for a trip to Atlanta, which we ended up canceling due to the Jonas winter storm. The area we were going to visit in the mountains outside of Atlanta, was at the southern tip of the storm and the predictions were for some pretty rough weather. We decided that it was better to be safe than spend our weekend in an airport.

My son Marc and I at the top. Cold!!!

I was able to go skiing the first week in February to Wolf Creek, Colorado with my son and my friends and their sons. We were finally able to get some good snow after striking out horribly the past couple of years. It was cold, but worth it for the snow. Wolf Creek is a small, undeveloped ski area that gets the most snow in Colorado due to its location in the Southwest corner of the state. We stacked the deck in our favor for this trip!

Keep the wood fires burning and snow shovels at the ready. We still have some state tournament weather ahead!

John Sylvestre

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