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March 2015

More Living Space for Less Expense? Basement Remodeling is the Answer

If you are looking for more elbow room in your home, one of the first places we suggest you should look is down...to your basement. It's space you already have, so finishing it to meet your family's needs is more economical than building an addition. In fact, a finished basement is almost always the lowest cost living space you can add to your home. If you have a two-story home with an unfinished basement, finishing that basement can add up to 50% more useable living and storage space to your home.

Basement remodeling

So where to begin? We can help you look at your basement footprint and help you visualize all the possibilities. Here are just a few of the ways your basement can work for you.

Room to Play Safely

Homeowners with school-age children often dedicate one area of the finished basement for playtime. Built-in shelving and cabinetry will give you a place to put away games and DVDs and keeps clutter to a minimum. If you have teens, you can make it a true game room with a pool table, ping-pong table or a pinball machine. Don't forget a flat screen for the video games. You'll keep them close to home and maybe get to know their friends better too.

Indulge Your Interests

Homeowners who love watching the latest movies or sporting events may opt for one area of their finished basement to become a media center with a wide-screen television, high tech sound system and plenty of comfy seating. Whether you all gather together for quality family time, or you host the neighbors for the Super Bowl, you'll enjoy having a space with the latest in sight and sound. Consider making room for other interests as well, like a wine cellar, craft supplies, a computer desk with room for 3 monitors, built-in cabinets for a Vikings or Twins memorabilia collection, or a closet fitted for storing golf clubs, photography equipment or fishing gear.

Finished basement

A recently completed basement remodeling (Read more below in What's the Story.)

No More Wait for the Weights

If you are tired of trudging to the gym in the rain or snow, think about turning one area of your finished basement remodel into an exercise room. Whether you prefer a treadmill or simply free weights, an exercise room right downstairs will help keep you on track to achieve your health goals.

Invite Your Friends to a Night Out

When was the last time you hosted poker night or book club? If you've never had a good place in your home to welcome friends for a night out, a finished basement can provide the perfect set-up. Consider installing a beautiful granite-top bar complete with its own sink, refrigerator, comfortable barstools and racks for wine or stemware. A high-top game table or larger card table completes the scene so you can welcome everyone into your home for a night of fun.

Be the Overnight Host with the Most

If having an overnight guest means having to rearrange the kids or put your guest on the couch, consider including a dedicated guest room with its own bathroom. Your guests will get extra privacy at night and you'll really feel like a gracious host!

So don't wait another day to have your basement become your favorite place in the house. Contact us today and we'll help you discover all the basement remodeling possibilities waiting for you.

Southwest Home Improvement Fair

Join us at the Southwest Journal's 10th Annual Home Improvement Fair on Saturday, March 21, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Burroughs Community School. We have a booth and Les Anderson will be giving a talk at noon on "Managing the Remodeling Process – Your Keys to Success." Hope to see you there!

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies, New Fernie, BC

Maintenance Tip: Clean Your Garbage Disposal

To safely clean your garbage disposal, put in 2 cups of ice cubes and about 1 cup of coarse salt. Run the cold water and turn on the garbage disposal until the ice is gone. The ice/salt mixture will help loosen the grime and debris from the grinding elements. To eliminate odors, grind a few citrus peels for a fresh, clean scent.

What's the Story

Basements are a big part of our remodeling services. We have recently finished a basement remodeling for a client that includes many of the items mentioned above and are ready to start another basement remodeling project for a past client. Also, check out the photo (above) of a basement we finished early this winter. That project relocated the furnace to get the heating ducts better organized and out of the way. By doing that, we were able to get the ceilings in one area of the family room to feel taller and not have any heating runs under the floor joists. This project also included a bathroom, laundry remodeling and, as you can see in the photo, an exercise space. In effect, almost doubling the usable space in their home.

Rec League Pond Hockey Champs
Rec League Pond Hockey Champs

Gas fireplaces are a good way to warm up your basement and on a project we just finished, we included a sauna. We have even lowered the floor to gain more headroom – sometimes in a small area to gain more headroom and in others, dropping the complete basement floor! And yes, it is a difficult project to lower a basement floor! Give us a call if you are thinking about making your basement a more livable space.

A Gold Medal...sort of

I enjoy playing hockey and in the winter, there is an adult pond hockey recreational league organized by the city of Minneapolis. This is a great opportunity to play outdoors on Lake Nokomis and bring us all back to our youth and skating outside on the frozen lakes and ponds. It is also a chance to play with my 2 boys. At my age, there is a very slim chance of winning an Olympic Gold Medal however I came pretty close to the equivalent. The Rec League has an end of the year tournament, taking teams from the city and organizing them into a one day tournament. We had a first round bye but then had to play 3 games in a row for the championship which we ultimately won! Now to find a place to display the trophy...

It sounds like spring may really be around the corner.

John Sylvestre

Until next month,

John Sylvestre

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