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February 2015

All Together Now!
Designing Your Perfect Family Room

Family on wireless devicesThe technological needs of a family room have greatly changed over the past few years. Televisions are bigger and better (and flatter!) than ever before. There are multiple options for accessing television and web content, and members of the family often have their own devices that they'll want to watch, even while sitting in one room together.

Here are some ways we can create a versatile space to suit your family's changing needs.

1. Decide what is going to be the focus of your room. For many people, this is the home entertainment center. Be sure to consider the relationship of the size of your room to your preferred television size, as a too-small TV in a large room will be difficult to see, but a too-large one can make the room feel too small (and also be uncomfortable to watch)! Mounting your television on the wall can help open space up in your room. Consider where you'll want to place your television speakers in the room, so wiring can be done during the remodeling to create a surround-sound experience while eliminating unsightly cords.

Home remodeling - family room

2. Sometimes everyone wants to enjoy the same program or movie on television, but often individuals want to do their own thing, such as reading, working on a laptop, or listening to music. We can remodel your room keeping in mind the "zones" you need: a conversation zone, a craft or game zone, and a media zone, for example. You will probably plan a position in the room for your largest piece of furniture, the sofa, but having other seating, such as club chairs, on casters and in an open area allows you to adjust how the room is configured quickly and easily. Ottomans and large pillows can also add seating to give you exactly the set-up you need at any given moment.

3. Bluetooth technology can really help meet the varied entertainment needs for your family. Using Bluetooth headphones means that one person watching TV won't disturb others in the same room. Combining that with Bluetooth speakers means you can easily switch from solo-viewing to a home theater experience for the whole family. You can also use Bluetooth to stream content wirelessly from your computer, smartphone, or tablet to your television to share with everyone in the room.

Home remodeling - family room

4. Consider what you'll need to store in your family room when we design your space. Built-in cabinets look beautiful and are a great functional storage space. Allow room for special shelving for your DVD or Blu-Ray collection. A custom-built entertainment center for your cable box, Blu-Ray player, or any other devices will help keep them easily accessible, but out of the family's way.

5. Don't forget that all these devices need to be plugged in, or at least charged occasionally! When remodeling your family room, we can make sure to include plenty of outlets around the room, so it's always convenient for family members to sit comfortably while using their personal devices.

Everyone's family room should be designed and configured to meet their family's individual needs. Contact us today so we can help you figure out how your newly remodeled family room can be the best possible space for your family to relax and spend time together. After all, isn't that what it's all about?

Maintenance Tip: Dryer Safety and Efficiency

Routinely inspecting and cleaning your dryer and its ducts and vents will keep your dryer running more efficiently and can even help prevent fires caused by blockages of lint accumulation. Clean the lint trap after every laundry load. Also regularly check the outside dryer vent while the dryer is operating and if exhaust air is not escaping, the vent or the exhaust duct may be blocked. Take a moment this month to vacuum the dryer vent and exhaust duct.

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Musk Oxen

Mt. Rainier and My Boys 

What's the Story?

Family rooms are great to talk about as we move out of a very cold February and begin to get a glimpse of spring. After spending winter bundled up inside, a review of how your house could work better for next winter might be just the ticket to get ready for spring, if you are not heading someplace warm. We are already stacking up with outdoor projects for the spring. We have a deck, 2 screen porches, an exterior soffit and gutter restoration project and a siding replacement project set for this spring. We are just waiting for some warmer weather. I think that is a common theme in Minnesota this time of year.

My January ski trip with my sons to Crystal Mountain, Washington was a great adventure. On our way to our lodging, late at night on a dark mountain road, we noticed some very large 4-legged creatures grazing along the side of the road – after we ruled out Sasquatch and relived the story of D.B. Cooper (this is where he jumped out of the plane...) we realized they were elk! One decided to cross the road at the same time we were driving and smack – we hit a very large cow elk! We were all OK. The "rental" car however had a bit of damage. The car was driveable, more than I can say for the elk, but we managed to get to our place that evening. The next morning we inspected the car, removed a few hanging and I guess you could say unnecessary auto parts and enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

Rental Car Meets Elk 

Most of the west is in a really dry period and it was no exception at the ski area. "Worst conditions in 10 years" was the phrase we heard most often and of course, "You should have been here last year." But the clear ski views of Mt. Rainier were wonderful, a day of skiing in pouring rain is always memorable and getting together with your friends and kids for a ski adventure is always worthwhile. Underline the word "adventure."

Bird 1   Bird 2   Bird 3   Bird 4
Bird 1   Bird 2   Bird 3   Birds 4

The birds are still flocking to our feeders and this month's contest will be to correctly name the 4 species shown on my feeder. I had to take the shots through our windows, but they are pretty standard birds in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Send me an email with your guesses and I will send you a Caribou gift card.

Stay warm and I look forward to catching up next month.

Until next month,

John Sylvestre