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June 2014

Keep It Fresh: New Kitchen and Bath Ideas You'll Love

Each year, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) provides a spectacular showcase for the latest and most inspiring products, trends and technologies on the horizon for kitchens and bathrooms. This year, it was bigger, better and even more exciting because the sponsor, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), combined KBIS with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders' Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, under the banner of Design & Construction Week.

KBIS 2014 - Huntwood Watermark kitchen

Here are some of the top trends that are making their way into updated kitchens and baths this year:

Clean, Contemporary Lines

Industry insiders at the show agree that the style seen most at KBIS this year was a more spare, contemporary aesthetic focused on clean lines, space efficiency, and universal design features. While transitional and Shaker styles are still popular, kitchen design is definitely trending to the more contemporary, with less clutter and ornamentation.

KBIS 2014 - Delta digital shower head
KBIS 2014 - Rev-a-Shelf

“Smart” is Here to Stay

Anything that's "smart" is gaining popularity: wall ovens that are controlled with a wireless remote, digital faucets and showers that tell you the actual water temp on a screen so there are no surprises, fridges that have flex zones that can switch between cooling and freezing, induction cooktops that warn you before a pot boils over, and an increasing variety of products that can be controlled from a phone app. There are also products that are smart in other ways. Medicine cabinets have lights inside for convenience, and electrical outlets are hidden away in drawers for charging your devices. Cabinet organization and storage is more customizable than ever before with dividers, knife blocks, compartmentalized bins and pull-out trays to reduce clutter and make meal prep easier.

LED Takes the Lead

There was no nostalgia at KBIS for old-style incandescent or fluorescent lighting. LED has taken the lead in all areas of the home. The many variations on LED lights are highly efficient, don't give off heat in the room, are dimmable and they last a long time. Put light right where you need it: inside a drawer or cabinet, on a backsplash or baseboard or even install a vanity sink or toilet that can glow like a nightlight. One exciting product category is the LED fireplace that needs no vent and can be placed anywhere you want the ambiance of flames but not the heat, even in the middle of a room.

What's New on the Surface

KBIS 2014 - Native Trails copper bar sinkKBIS predicts that this year kitchen and bath designers will be looking for surfaces that are both beautiful and easier to care for. Quartz is taking over granite's top spot this year. Also surging in popularity for countertops will be engineered and recycled surfacing materials, because of their environmental friendliness and natural, distressed look. Adding a fresh touch to kitchen décor this year will be metallic finishes, especially copper, and tile colors and patterns that might just steal the spotlight in the room.

We believe that the most important trend of all is designing your kitchen and bathrooms around your personal aesthetics and lifestyle. If you're thinking about increasing the beauty, functionality and efficiency of any room in your home, this is an exciting year to do it. Let us help you select the fresh looks that are just right for you!

Maintenance Tip: Bug Out!

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they can also be carriers of serious diseases such as West Nile virus. The most effective way to control them is by eliminating the areas of standing water in your yard that are their breeding sites. Drain standing water from gutters and from puddles that form in buckets, watering cans, landscape planters, tarps that cover woodpiles or garden equipment, and around leaky faucets. If possible, birdbaths, fountains and ornamental ponds should be drained or flushed and refilled about once a week during warm summer months.

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What's the Story?

June is well upon us and it won't be long before we celebrate the 4th of July! I hope all of your homes are keeping the water out in this incredible month of rain.

Minnehaha Creek

Minnehaha Creek near 50th Street

I recently returned from my annual canoe trip to the Far North and it's hard to believe, but the ice had been off the lake only 2 weeks before we arrived. The water was cold but we had really good weather and great fishing. In the 8 days we were out, I had my rain suit on only 10 minutes, which is remarkable considering all the rain we have had in the Twin Cities. The fishing was great and it's always fun to cook over a wood fire for a few days.

Sunny day in Ontario

Sunny day in Ontario

A great morning Pineapple upside down cake
A great morning Pineapple upside down cake

Keeping on the subject of water, I heard an interview about water safety and would like to share the information with you. Considering all the water and rushing creeks and streams we have around us this year, it would not be surprising that we find ourselves in a situation where we would want to help someone in need. It is important, however, that we protect ourselves as well. The premise of the interview was "reach or throw, but don't go", meaning do anything you can do to help someone but do NOT swim unless it is a last resort. People are in a panic mode and their responses in the situation are extremely unpredictable.

As I listened, I remembered back to my Senior Lifesaving class as a strapping 13 year old Boy Scout. I bet I weighed 95 lbs. In our final test, we were to "save" a person in the pool. My "victim" ran well over 200 lbs, was built like a swimmer and was thrashing wildly as I approached him to "help". They had taught us to be ready for some crazy behaviors in this situation. As noted in the interview – people are completely unpredictable in these events and you must be prepared for anything. Let's just say the next few minutes were very exciting! I was never dunked so many times in my life. I drank more water that I thought I could hold and in the end, he "let me" save him and haul him to the edge of the pool. The most important thing I learned and still carry with me is that you have to be very careful if you are swimming out to rescue someone. Reach or throw, but don't go – and be ready for the unexpected.

I hope you all have a safe summer. Dodge the bugs, slather on the sunscreen and swim safely!

Until next month,

John Sylvestre