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Give your Laundry Room a Fresh Start

The trend of multi-use, beautifully designed laundry rooms has been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. No longer exiled to the dark corner of the basement, laundry rooms are moving into the mainstream. If you’re ready to refresh your laundry experience, start with three core questions: Location Function Design Location As you consider […]

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How to Turn Reality TV into Real Results

Property Hunters. Fixer Upper. Kitchen Crashers. The success of home renovation shows isn’t a fluke. Network executives understand the power of aspiration and elbow grease. Home renovation shows are great for generating ideas. They’re like Pinterest. They’re visually inspiring and spark your imagination. They nudge you to get started. They’re entertaining. The flip side is […]

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The Holidays and A Wish List for Your Home

I remember walking into several different retail stores at the end of August and I could not believe all the holiday merchandise already out. I was not ready to let go of summer, let alone start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas! However, now that Halloween has passed, it seems appropriate to use the upcoming holidays as […]

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Shed the Routine

There should be a better word.  “Shed” just doesn’t capture it.  One imagines a neglected structure at the edge of a property, full of shovels and rusted rakes, an afterthought. And a homeowner who feels it’s time to update a tired old storage shed can do so cheaply with one of the structures we see assembled […]

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From High to Low: Creating Space in the Basement

In my last post, I explored a solution to the familiar problem of “home-shrink” in the face of a growing family.  Mike and Vanessa didn’t want to leave their neighborhood and loved the existing lines of their house.  But their kids were growing and they were starting to feel cramped. By converting their underutilized attic […]

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Growing Pains? Try House Gains!

You love the neighborhood; you don’t want to move.  You love the lines of the house; you don’t want to disrupt them with an addition. But your kids are growing up, becoming (much) more active. Perhaps there’s a new one on the way. A house that’s size was just fine five years ago, has started […]

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